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  1. Hi Terri. Your book “The Stone Manor” came across my desk for processing. In the brief record that we have in the Voyager database system here in the Literature section on your book, it has “Wichita Falls, TX” as the place of publication with “Enchanted Window Press” listed as the publisher. In my attempt to to verify the place of publication so that I may updated the system correctly, when I typed in the web address given in the back of the book “www.terrihalebook.com”, it would not come up and was stated to be not found. But when I typed in “www.terrihalebooks.com” adding the ‘s’, it opened up your website. FYI- the website listed in the back of the book needs to updated. And, can you verify the place of publication ASAP for me. Thanks Terri!

    • Hi Maggie. Thanks so much for alerting me to the typo for my website. I will update that as soon as I return to the states next week! Wichita Falls, TX is the correct place of publication. Let me know if you any other questions.

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