The Stone Manor

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A broken heart is not the end of all things. It can, if mixed with a hint of magic and a large amount of fate, lead to a life beyond ordinary dreams. Kathryn Trent leaves her failed marriage behind in Texas and escapes to Scotland in search of ancestors and an elusive stone manor. The wild and rugged landscape of the Isle of Skye is the perfect backdrop for Kathryn’s quest.

Woven through this modern day tale is the story of young Mairi MacDonald, who lived on Skye near the Fairy Glen in the 1700s. Kathryn soon discovers the tie that binds her with Mari in a tapestry woven by Fate. Through a portrait and a promise, the magic of Kathryn’s ancestor illuminates her future. Once revealed, she must decide to take hold of it or walk away.

The Stone Manor was a 2012 Golden Claddagh finalist. This contest was sponsored by Celtic Hearts Romance Writers for unpublished novels. I entered it in the Mainstream Fiction, With Strong Elements of Romance category.



“Stone Manor” is an enjoyable journey in time and space to a land of romance and magic. Kudos to Hale on an excellent first book. I look forward to her next one.”   Donna

“Waiting for the sequel. After reading this novel I want to visit the Isle of Skye and perhaps learn a little Gaelic.”    Susan

A magical trip to Skye and Fairy Glen! A wonderful read, honest and true to life today…but an amazing glance into the misty, mystical world of the Highlands! “Cha Gheill”!  Kenneth

“I form an opinion of a book within the first 10 pages and if i am not “into” the book by then I put it down (I don’t have a lot of spare time to read). This one is definitely a winner – it draws you in from the start. The characters are well developed. They appeal as “real” people with real emotions and issues and the storyline is unpredictable enough to keep you wanting to read the next page. i’m not usually into the mystical side of fiction but this one is well grounded in reality. To top it off, the descriptions of the Scottish countryside are beautiful and make you want to visit!”   Debbie

“Wonderful read. The intertwining of characters from the 18th century with the ones from the 21st century made for a fascinating plot. Romantic without being syrupy. The strength of the main character in finding true self was inspiring. Cannot wait for Terri’s next book.”   Lee Ann

“Knowing that this was the author’s first book, I was ready to overlook lapses along the way in character and plot development. However, there was no need for that! I was immediately engaged with the story and stayed that way until the last page. The entwining of past and present centuries and characters adds to the dimensions of the story. The setting is not only magical but firmly grounded in fact so that the reader is left with the desire to learn more about fairy tales as well as the Isle of Skye. This is a novel that is both an informative and refreshing – time well spent in the read!”   Joyce

“I appreciated reading about a heroine above the age of 21! One with some spunk!”  Karen

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