MyHebrides Ferry at Uig

It’s the final day of our Isle of Skye Tour. Of course, we could spend a month here and never see all the majestic beauty that is this Misty Isle. Leaving the Fairy Glen, we drive down into Uig. Look! It’s the Caledonian MacBrayne Ferry docking at the pier. Let’s make our way to the pier for a closer look.

Me on the Uig Pier

Have a seat with me here on the steps. This is the very same pier Kathryn and Angus rode to on his motorcycle trying to catch Duncan as he sailed away.  I checked the ferry schedule , and it seems we’d have to stay the night on the outer isles if we took the next ferry. out We’ve a ceilidh (dance) to get to in Portree, so sadly no ferry ride this trip. Our next time to Skye we will definitely plan an excursion to the outer isles!

Replica Village Kilmuir

As we drive north from Uig, we come to the Skye Museum of Island Life in Kilmuir. It’s a fascinating replica of thatched stone cottages and buildings. It was here that I drew a better vision of Mairi’s cottage from the 1700s.

Flora MacDonald Grave Kilmuir

Buried in the cemetery in Kilmuir, we find Flora MacDonald. Remember she was the young woman who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape by dressing him as a young woman. She’s quite a hero here on Skye. You should look up her story. A brave woman!


This is a familiar site in the countryside. Can you guess what it is? They’re harvesting peat to use for fuel. There’s nothing as sweet smelling as a cozy peat fire burning in the hearth.


Finally, we arrive at the beautiful port city of Portree, the King’s Port. We’ve made it just in time for the Isle of Skye Accordion and Fiddle Festival at The Royal Hotel. This hotel is famous for the number of important guests who’ve stayed here , Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald being among those guests.

Skye Day Six festival video.

Above is a short video of the festival contestants!

Town Hall Portree

Are you all ready for a long evening of dancing! Let’s step inside City Hall and see what we find.

Band at Cedihl

Oh good. The band is already playing! Grab a partner, and let’s join in the fun! Everyone here is so friendly. If you don’t know the dance someone will be happy to show you.

Skye Day Six dance video.

Wow! I don’t know about you, but I need a little fresh air. Let’s step outside.

Me at railing overlooking Portree

If you’ve read THE STONE MANOR, you’ll recognize this as the very railing where Duncan told Kathryn his BIG secret. Shhh! Don’t say it out loud. It’s possible someone here hasn’t read the book yet. We don’t want to give it away now, do we.

Old Man of Storr

What a night! It’s morning and people are just now leaving the dance! As we drive away toward our B & B look back and you’ll see the famous Old Man of Storr. He appears to be sleeping. Something we all are in much need of.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very brief six day tour of my favorite island in the world! Isle of Skye is a land of otherworldly landscapes, historical marvels, and some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet. Until next time!


Virtual Skye Book Tour: Day Five in the Fairy Glen

Wide view of me in Fairy Glen

I’m beyond excited for our tour today! We’ve traveled north from Sleat through the middle of Skye. We’ve seen the Black Cullins, such beautiful mountains. A lovely lone lighthouse sits near Dùn Beag, an Iron Age fort. Continuing north, we came to Dunvegan Castle, home to Clan MacLeod. Being MacDonalds, we made a quick stop there being as it’s a lovely castle, still occupied, and it houses the famous fairy flag. Always been a bit jealous of the fact that they had their own fairy flag.

After Dunvegan, we cut across the northwestern part of the island and up toward Uig. We took a right on the road to Sheader. It’s a single-track dead-end road. As it should be, since it leads to the magical Fairy Glen.

Me standing on knoll in Fairy Glen

Here’s a small area to park the Land Rover. Follow me to the knoll overlooking the wee loch and hillsides. We’re the only humans here at the moment. So enjoy the peace and quiet of the glen. Watch your step and try not to disturb anything.

Me standing beside loch in Fairy Glen

Look. Sheep on the hillside and a fairy inviting us to walk the path along the loch and up the hillside. Remember, don’t pick up anything from the glen as a keepsake. If you take anything with you, the locals say it will bring you very, very bad luck. Just wanted to warn you.

Path leading to Portal and Castle in Fairy Glen

This is the path leading to the Portal to the Otherworld on the right and Castle Ewen on the left. The portal is where Kathryn left her Box of Terrors (buttons) in THE STONE MANOR.

Portal to Otherworld in Fairy Glen

Here’s a closer view of the Portal. Feel free to leave a gift or something of yourself in the entrance. Just don’t lean in too far or you might be snatched away into the deep fairy mound. If you leave a knife blade stuck in the ground of the opening, you can enter the portal and return at will. Otherwise we might not see you again.

Castle and Portal View

Castle Ewan is the site where Beth and the boys climbed. There’s a great view of Glenconnan from the top.

Mossy knoll in Fairy Glen

If you glance to the right on the moss covered ground you might see a fairy. But don’t let them know you’re looking for them. They like to surprise you.

Path on top of Fairy Glen

Walking past the portal and the castle, we’ll take this rocky pathway to the stone spiral. There are many stone altars up here with various gifts left for . . . well someone.

Stone circle on hillside in Fairy Glen

On the far right side up ahead you can see the stone spiral. This is where Mairi returned the Snowdrop her grandmother, Margaret, had taken from the Fairy Glen. It’s also where, Kathryn, Beth, Ian, and Sean made their wishes.

Close up of stone circle in Fairy Glen

Go ahead. Walk through the spiral to the center, turn three times, and make a wish. Be careful though. Don’t disturb any of the rocks. There are several missing. This could not have gone well for the person who removed them. We don’t want to suffer their same fate. I know it couldn’t have been good.

Enclosure ruins in Fairy Glen

Let’s walk down the road to the end. There’s something I’d like you to see. First, we’ll pass these stone ruins. Such a lovely peaceful place.

Rowan tree with sheep

Oh look! It’s the rowan tree where Mairi practiced her shooting skills with her bow. And her sheep are resting under the tree. Just around the bend we’ll come to a farm and a view worth seeing.

Falls view across glen at Fairy Glen

Breathtaking, isn’t it? I’ve been told the falls are normally much bigger. This spring was unusually dry. They’re still amazing. Glenconnon is massive. Looking back toward the bay and Uig you can see some houses. These belong to the Graham clan. Billy Graham’s family came from here.

Wizard Hat conical in Fairy Glen

Alright, everyone back to the Fairy Glen and the Rover. Say your goodbyes to this magical place and those who live here. I thought the final view of the Wizard’s Hat conical would be fitting. Now, on to Uig to see the standing stone and the pier where Duncan and Kathryn had an up-close encounter.

So tell me, who was fortunate enough to have a fairy sighting?