Young Life Macedonia Service Project 2013: Crossing Cultures Through Service

90 Me and Macedonian Girl's Dance Troup

(Such beautiful girls! And you should see them dance!)

On the last day of our trip, the mayor of Strumica put together a celebration from the city for our group. It was incredible! They have a huge plaza in the center of city, and that’s where it was held. Lots of music, lots of dancing, lots of celebrating!

91 Kandern:Basel Worksite SP 2013

(This is the Kandern/Basel/Croatia group.)

This is the beginning of what we were celebrating. Kids and their Young Life leaders building a playground at an elementary school. They also painted the mural on the building in the background.

92 Completed Service Project 2013

(Here’s the final product! And the children are loving it! So fun! This is one of the two Munich sites.)

We built six playgrounds, painted and repaired fences, painted murals on school buildings, to name a few of the things that happened during the week. The kids that came on the service project are from international schools in the London area, Munich, Brussels, Kandern, Basel, and Croatia. These are all areas where Young Life is taking place. At the end of each work day we had Young Life Club! It was a great week.

93 Me and Macedonian kids

(Rachel Miller, Lucie Crighton, and myself with Macedonian kids from the middle school in Strumica.)

94 Service Project Macedonia 2013

(All 280 of us in the Strumica Town Plaza!)

The above photo was taken Friday afternoon. We had our final Young Life Club that evening back at the hotel. Then it was time to begin packing up. Jim and I had an 8:00 am flight out of Thessaloniki the next morning. We, along with about 10 other staff, loaded back onto the same small bus we had arrived in the week before. Bad news being it was 2:00 am. We rode the two hours, which turned into four hours plus one because of changing time zones, back to the Thessaloniki Airport. Checked in and waited another two hours for our flight to take off for Munich. I’ll close with the final photo of me at the airport just before boarding. This is where the two hours I lost in the last couple of months due to “day-light savings time” comes into play. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

95 Me at End of Service Project

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