Back in Bavaria: An Elusive Spring

78 Ralph's Yard in Spring

(Woke up to snow.)

I woke up this morning and there was a dusting of snow in the backyard. It has continued to snow off and on. We should have several inches by tomorrow. Coming over from Texas, where things are blooming and sunshine is plentiful, the snow is actually lovely. For our dear friends who have been here all winter…not so happy.

80 Wall Decor at Mellows Restaurant Starnberg

(Wall decor at one of our favorite restaurants.)

We had lunch with our Young Life staff friend, Erin, at Mellows in Starnberg. It’s a Cuban/American restaurant. There are pictures of Che and Fidel hanging on the walls and lots of memorabilia. It’s quite fascinating, and the food is good. I had pizza, the quintessential cuban cuisine.

81 Frog Sign Germany

(Look what time it is!!!!)

We were driving to Berg to pick up our former neighbor, Barbara, to take her for kaffee und kuchen and look what we found! It’s time for the toad crossings. You see they know it’s March, and romance is in the air…as is snow. This is my favorite road sign of all time. Just so you know.

82 Frog Fence Season Germany

(The little toad fences!)

Just past the sign, they put up the little green fences to catch the toads before they cross the highway. Then there is someone called a liebekröte, toad lover, who takes a cup and picks up the toads at the little green fence and takes them safely across the road to the other side and releases them. Is this not the cutest ecological event on the planet! My spring is complete. I arrived in time for the Toad Crossings.

83 German Easter Candy

(Easter candy by Lindt.)

Our sweet neighbor, Barbara, gave Jim and me this delightful and delicious Easter Candy when we picked her up this afternoon, after our toad crossing extravaganza. The three of us, drove down the hill to the Starnberger See to the Hotel Schloss Berg for afternoon coffee and cake. We sat in the warm restaurant next to the large windows overlooking the beautiful Alpine lake, snow gently falling, ducks swimming, and enjoyed life, friendships, and chocolate.

As darkness falls, I am content. It’s been a good day, and I’m grateful.

4 thoughts on “Back in Bavaria: An Elusive Spring

  1. LOVE the toad crossing! I can’t believe that is actually a thing! Presh. I want to meet the “toad lovers”. And what a sweet neighbor. Love you, Mom!

    • I need to find out who it is for the village and take a picture with him/her/them and do an interview. How fun would that be? I might could publish it. Either way it would be a fun pic to have. I’ll work on it. Love you too, Rachel.

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