PET Scans and Super Powers

52 My Carry-On Stash

What do you pack for a PET Scan…

This is my Mary Poppin’s Bag for the two day journey for my 2nd PET Scan. Complete with my Super Power Cape, BRAVE DVD, The Hobbit, laptop, headphone, chocolate, journal, chocolate, playing cards…just a few of my favorite things.

I thought this scan would be easier…less stressful. I was wrong. The staff were amazing, but there’s just something about liquid housed in a steel casing with a needle on the end that I find unsettling. They did have a monitor in the room where I waited in case I needed anything while percolating. After an hour of the radioactive sugary goodness finding its way through my veins in search of cancer cells, my isolation was over and it was time for the scan. I laid down on the sleeve and she asked me to place my arms at my side. (Last time I held them above my head.)

I thought, This will be much more comfortable.

Then she pulled up two huge pieces of fabric and strapped me down. “To make sure my arms don’t slip off the sleeve.” Is this when I tell her how claustrophobic I am. The correct answer to that question is: YES! But, I decided to be brave.

As the tube sucked me inside its belly the first time she called out, “Close your eyes.” I did. And a bright flash went off. Then, it sucked me in further and further and it became darker and darker. I suddenly had the terrifying thought that this might be a closed tube. I hadn’t noticed when I walked into the room. My heart began to race, pounding in my chest, and I told myself to breath…now. There I was strapped to the sleeve, inside a dark, tiny tube, a mole-hole as it were. A cave, a tunnel…are there spiders in here?

WAIT A MINUTE! I regained control of my thoughts just in time and the sleeve exited the tube. But only for a moment, then back in I went, but this time not so far, and I opened my eyes and saw that it wasn’t so tiny after all…and there was light coming through the other end. AN OPENING!! YAY!!

For the remainder of the time, my heart began to regain some semblance of a proper rhythm, and I began to pray for my sweet family. Hey, I decided nuclear powered prayers must be quite strong. Why not take advantage of my new super power.

I don’t know much about physics, I have degrees in Social Work and English, but I like to imagine I am somehow connected to the same matter that powers the stars. I do love star gazing. (I also went in the restroom and turned out the lights to see if I glowed. I didn’t.)

I’m now seated comfortably on the bed at my in-laws waiting for my new super power or powers to reveal themselves. You’ll be the first to know when they appear. What would your super power be if you could choose? I’d fly…with the option of being invisible.

4 thoughts on “PET Scans and Super Powers

  1. Oh, Teri! I have claustrophobia, too! I have to be sedated to get an MRI so I really get it! I love your super power! I would like the super power of being invincible! Or at least feeling that way! Praying for you!

  2. What an adventure….you had me on the edge of my seat…oh wait…that really happened..oh Terri…you are so brave! My super power would be everything I had to do I would do it perfect…even the first time…you know stepping foot in a country and knowing the language, picking up the cello and being able to play…..or transport myself to be with friends and family at the moment. Great post!

  3. Jan, I love your super power choice. Invincible…I could use that right now! Amy, totally get the doing everything perfectly super power. Would everyone hate us, or just envy us? Guess I’ll never know. Haha.

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