Prague: Medieval Magic and Majesty


40 Charles Bridge Prague Night

(Walking across the Charles Bridge.)

One of my favorite European cities is Prague, Czech Republic…

I love standing in the center of the Charles Bridge at night with smoke rising from the rooftop stacks and mist hanging heavy in the air. Medieval spires pierce the darkness evoking a sense of magic and mystery to the night. I imagine the yellow light cast upon the rooftops to be from oil lamps. Is there any wonder, Prague has been the setting of cryptic legends and espionage through the ages?

41 Lennon Wall Eye

(John Lennon Peace Wall near Charles Bridge, Prague)

It’s also a city of love with the hope of peace. The John Lennon Peace Wall located at Mala Strana across from the French Embassy is a symbol of this sentiment. It is ever changing, a living work of art and personal expression. It began during the 1980s, when Czech youth covered the wall with lyrics of peace and freedom from Lennon’s music. They also wrote anti-communist words of protest. It became a war for freedom of speech in a time and place where there was none. The authorities would white-wash the wall only to find it full the following day. The Velvet Revolution brought about freedom for the Czech people…and the graffiti continued with words of love and peace. Check it out and leave your own message.

42 Me and Jim Kissing at Lennon Wall

(Jim and I making our magic.)

Or if you’re fortunate, you’ll share the experience of this awesome place with someone you love. I did!

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