Living in Europe: Ancient Voices

53 Lowen Apotheke

(Lion Pharmacy in Kandern, Germany)

One of the many things I love about living in Europe is being surrounded by ancient civilizations. Every where I go there is evidence of those that lived and walked here before me. Roman ruins are exciting, but there are ruins here that pre-date Rome. Amazing.

The fact that our pharmacy has been here since 1665 gives me vertigo! On every hilltop there is a castle ruin, some dating back to the 600s. And, beneath some of those ruins there is evidence of a BC site. Crazy.

With these antiquated civilizations come rich lore and ancient voices. My mind hears them all and stories are beginning to form demanding a home on paper. There are so many, I’m not sure where to begin. But begin I will. Exciting.

I’ve decided to write them down as short stories and let them sit on the page for a bit to see which one has the strongest voice. Or maybe I’ll write an anthology of short stories from this region, the Black Forest. But then, I drive across the border to Eastern France and more voices fill my head. So I jot down more stories. Next, I discover Frankenstein’s Castle further north in Germany, and there are whispers now, dark voices. More stories. In a few weeks I’ll be in Prague, Czech Republic. Bohemian voices have spoken to me on past trips there. They too will ride my pen onto the parchment. (A poetic way of saying: they will ride my fingers onto the keyboard. See what I mean, this doesn’t sound quite so romantic.) As you can see there’s a lot of writing to be done. Daunting.

Let the writing begin!

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