Malachite: The Stone of Love

26 Malachite Stone and Glyph

(This is my Malachite bead next to a carving by one of my kids.)

Malachite is my favorite stone in all the world. It’s absolutely beautiful and carries great lore as stones go.

I read that one of its many powerful properties is the ability to produce a deep love when worn next to the heart.


I also read a little known fact about Malachite. It has been found on the Isle of Skye.


So of course, I wrote this into my story. Kathryn finds a primitively carved malachite necklace. Not just any ordinary necklace, as she learns when she first visits the stone manor. You’ll find out what she discovers when you read the book. I don’t want to spoil it for you now.

I’ve been looking for a rounded piece of Malachite since I wrote about it. I needed the stone to be somewhat abnormal in shape, to give the illusion it was hand-carved. In the novel it has a Celtic Love Knot etched around it and a hole through the center so it can hang on its silver chain.

Since I had only imagined it, I decided it was time to take it from the printed page and have it made. Well the good news is I found the stone! In France, of course. I bought it, and now I’m waiting for one of my talented kids to volunteer to carve it for me. Any one of them, they’re all artistic. (This is where I’m hinting to said kids. Hint. Hint.)

I’ll let you know what happens.

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