The Night Before

70 Colonoscopy Smoothie

Tomorrow I have my second CT scan. It’s been three months since my Follicular Lymphoma diagnosis. I was told to pick up two “vials” to drink prior to the scan when I went in for my blood letting, I mean labs. The receptionist handed me these two BOTTLES and I said, “This must be a mistake. Where are the vials?” Everyone laughed. I looked around the waiting room and realized many of the people were there for a chemo or radiation treatment. I was about to complain about drinking two bottles of “smoothies.” I thanked her for the bottles and left, grateful that’s all my immediate future holds…a CT scan. I plan to document the “drinking of the vials.” We’ll see how it goes. Bottoms up!

2 thoughts on “The Night Before

  1. It had a definite vanilla taste with a hint of metal. I think the texture was the hardest part of getting it down. It said it was a smoothie and the “smooth” part was the weirdest. It coated heavily, which I think is the point. Haha. That’s why I was told to get it REALLY cold and use a big straw.

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