When Spiders Ruined My BRAVE Moment

74 Brave Ticket Mishap

I save movie stubs. Just my favorites.I look at them periodically, and they make me smile. Or I’ll find one randomly, and it’ll make my day just remembering how much I loved the movie. That being said, I’ve been waiting…anxiously waiting for BRAVE to open in theaters. Then, I had to wait even longer till we were able to actually go see it. FINALLY, a few days ago, Jim, our kids in Austin, and I went to the 7:37 showing. I was so excited when the previews were over and the movie actually began I giggled, like I was five years old. Then I did that silent clap with my shoulders scrunched up around my ears. Still giggling.

So what’s up with the stub from SPIDERMAN I’ve displayed above? (And of course it doesn’t say SPIDERMAN, it says SPIDER! Are you kidding me? And yes I know, I could use a manicure.) The guy working the window at the theater gave us tickets to the WRONG movie. We didn’t notice till we were already inside. I was so upset. You have no idea! Of all the movie ticket stubs in all the movie theaters in all the world, I REALLY wanted this one. I wanted to look at it and have it say BRAVE. I wanted to open my wallet in a couple of weeks or months searching for my insurance card or the right change and find it…and smile…and maybe giggle. Our son Sean said not to worry, this would make a good story. He was right, I guess.

The problem is I HATE SPIDERS! I don’t even want to put this stub into my wallet. I don’t want to touch it because it has the word spider on it. I don’t even like having to type out the word in this blog post. Just sayin’. I’ve been learning to be brave lately. But there comes a time when a person just has to put their foot down and say “no sir.” I will never conquer my fear of spiders. If you knew how quickly I just typed the s word you’d say, “Wow, that was really fast.” I’m telling you they totally creep me out. Okay, I’ve talked enough about “them.”

Just so you know, BRAVE was a beautiful movie. The animation was beautiful, the music was beautiful, the accents were beautiful. It was a little short on story content, but hey, I left wishing my hair was bright red and curly and I could speak in a Scottish accent. (I’ve been secretly practicing the accent.) If you haven’t seen the movie…GO.

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